2017 Conference Prelude Performances

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The 42nd Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference - Hershey, Pennsylvania
Special Report • Compiled by Peter Wood
Photos by Michael Anderson, Norman Bergstrom, Del Lyren, Brian Shook, and John Tamer


Conference Prelude Performances

* Indicates premiere performances.
Groups are listed alphabetically.


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ASU Trumpet Ensemble, Appalachian State University 
Dr. James Stokes, director
Benjamin Sebastian, Brittney Self, Arias Fischer, Ariel Shores, Tim Hamilton
Appalachian State University Trumpet EnsembleAppalachian State University Trumpet Ensemble
Metallic Fury by Erik Morales

Under the direction of Dr. James Stokes, the ASU Trumpet Ensemble played with dramatic dynamic contrast and full sound quality. In addition, their blending of tone colors and matching of articulation was commendable. The use of the flugelhorns in the middle section of the piece added a warm, velvety color and showcased well the lyrical side of the ensemble. Seamlessly switching back to trumpets for the exuberant, majestic ending, the ensemble maintained a brilliance that fit the character of this exciting piece perfectly. (WK)

Brighton High School Trumpet Ensemble
Sharon B Long, director
Lauren Arcuri, Adi Bowden, Alec Gillis, Lucus Hardy, Nick Quebbeman, Angelina Placido, Robert Powers, Shane Spangler
Brighton HS Trumpet EnsembleBrighton High School Trumpet Ensemble
Poet and Peasant Overture by Franz von Suppé
The Brighton High School Trumpet Ensemble blew the crowd away with this performance of von Suppé’s Poet and Peasant Overture. This group of eight high school students showcased extreme versatility with lyrical solos and impressive technique. The ensemble showed skill beyond their years with their chamber music sensitivity and individual talents. (BB)

Dickinson College Trumpet Ensemble
Jeffrey Wohlbach, director
Morgan Bates, Herman Makosky, Ian White, Caroline Snyder, Miranda Lape
Dickinson College Trumpet EnsembleDickinson College Trumpet Ensemble
Revecy venir du printans by Claude Le Jeune, arranged by Jay Lichtmann
The Dickinson College Trumpet Ensemble, under the direction of Jeffrey Wohlbach, performed Jay Lichtmann's arrangement of Revecy venir du printans by Claude Le Jeune. The five-member group played with fine ensemble precision and expressive nuance. Their sweet sound, warm blend, and soft dynamic levels were notable highlights, along with the group’s tasteful command of Renaissance polyphonic style. (EK)
IUP Trumpet Ensemble, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Kevin Eisensmith, director
Maria Baldoni, Holly Boyles, Victoria Cotter, Lukas Deist, Randy Devlin, Kayla Greer, Ryan Gross, Anastazia Hall, Michael Helwig, Matthew Huff, Marie Mencher, Roxanne Person, Matthew Prinkley, David Saylor
Indiana University of Pennsylvania Trumpet EnsembleIndiana University of Pennsylvania Trumpet Ensemble
Even When He is Silent by Kim André Arnesen, arranged by James Olcott
A Joyful Noise by David Ferguson

The first selection from the IUP Trumpet Ensemble commenced with a beautifully played, broad-sounding chorale performed with great reverence. With built-in dynamics, the main theme returns over an ostinato and moving resolution. The second piece offered a four-note motif that echoed neatly around the ensemble. A well known hymn theme transitioned into a cascading rhythmic fanfare and climactic ending. This was a fine performance all-around. (NM)

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Mariachi Espuelas de Plata, North Side High School
Ramon Nino III, director
Trumpets: Fernando Flores, Raul Martinez, Diego Reyna
Violins: Nancy Mandujano, Sebastian Martinez, Joel Ramirez, Mariela Ramirez
Guitar: Andrea Richards
Vihuela: Donaldo Rubio
Guitarron: Jessica Salas
Mariachi Espuelas de PlataMariachi Espuelas de Plata from North Side High School
Homenaje A Miguel Martinez by José Hernandez
Camino Real de Colima by Rubén Fuentes-Gassón
Mariachi Espuelas de Plata, from North Side High School in Fort Worth, Texas, is a traditional mariachi ensemble. Both pieces that the group performed featured trumpet and vocals, in addition to violin, guitar, vihuela, and guitarron, The members of this terrific ensemble wore beautiful, colorful outfits, and their performance was greatly enjoyed by all. This was a refreshingly unique and culturally enriching opener for Ginger Turner’s session. (RW)
McGill University Trumpet Ensemble
Richard Stoelzel, director
Alexander Freund, Ben Hare, Francis LaPorte, Joey Moore, Morgan Mitteer
McGill University Trumpet EnsembleMcGill University Trumpet Ensemble
Fanfare for an Angel by James Stephenson
L’espirit de la Trompette by James Stephenson, arranged by Ben Hare
The quartet’s sprightly performance of James Stephenson’s Fanfare for an Angel served as the opener. From onset to finish, the ensemble’s excellent balance and homogeneous sound was consistently evident. A second and final work was ensemble member Ben Hare’s arrangement of Stephenson’s L’espirit de la Trompette. This was a brilliant showcase for Hare and his colleagues Morgan Mitteer, Joey Moore, and Francis LaPorte. Congratulations are in order to the McGill University Trumpet Ensemble for a top-notch performance. (LE)
Messiah College Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. William Stowman, director
William Landon, Matthew Ruwe, Hannah Leposa, Austin Funkhouser, Taylor Quinn, Mitch Weaver
Messiah College Trumpet EnsembleMessiah College Trumpet Ensemble
Birds of Paradise by Erik Morales 
The Messiah College Trumpet Ensemble, performing as the prelude ensemble before William Stowman's recital, exhibited great blend and musicianship on their performance of Erik Morales’s Birds of Paradise. Highlights of the performance were certainly impressive low notes in the flugelhorns and the communication within the ensemble as a whole. The piece required strong ensemble playing and significant individual challenges, and this ensemble was certainly up to the challenge! (BB)
Messiah College Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. William Stowman, director
William Landon, Matthew Ruwe, Hannah Leposa, Austin Funkhouser, Taylor Quinn, Mitch Weaver
Messiah College Trumpet EnsembleMessiah College Trumpet Ensemble
Birds of Paradise by Erik Morales 
Australian trumpeter Nadje Noordhuis's recital opened with a prelude by the Messiah College Trumpet Ensemble performing Erik Morales's Birds of Paradise. The ensemble filled the hall with sound. They displayed great dynamic expressiveness and were locked in on the unison octave passages. (KM)

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Michigan State University Trumpet Ensemble
Justin Emerich, director
Eduardo Farias, Joon Park, Alessandro Bonita, Jonathan Chaif, Patrick Forgione, Marty Malfroid
Michigan State University Trumpet EnsembleMichigan State University Trumpet Ensemble
Dürrenhorn Passage by Kevin McKee
The ensemble launched into the selection with a martial round-like fanfare worthy of their Spartan nickname. The hymn-like chorale section that followed was played with great energy and was highly inspiring. An ominous build led to a climactic ending featuring the original melody. A superb performance all-around! (NM)
Missouri Southern State University Trumpet Ensemble
Frederick Green II, Director
Oliver Smith, Cayla Roanhorse, Josh Newburry, Tony Sfortunato, Austin Kinard, Tyler Jones 
Missouri Southern State UniversityMissouri Southern State University
* Headed Home by Jemetris Brown 
The Missouri Southern State University trumpet ensemble performed group member Jemetris Brown’s Headed Home for the prelude performance of the Affiliate Chapters Showcase Recital at the First United Methodist Church. The performance marked the premier of this work and featured all seven members of the ensemble playing smooth, flowing, melodic lines with full, rich chords. The group’s performance was well received by the audience and was an excellent introduction for the program that followed. (RW)
OU Graduate Trumpet Ensemble, University of Oklahoma
Larry Burroughs, director
Larry Burroughs, Josh Harney, Benjamin Hay, Lindsey Jessick, Ricky Spears
University of Oklahoma Graduate Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of Oklahoma Graduate Trumpet Ensemble
Centrifuge by Jason Dovel 
The University of Oklahoma Graduate Trumpet Ensemble opened Bernardo Medel's recital with a thrilling rendition of Jason Dovel's Centrifuge Wednesday morning. From the interplay of the opening solo and Harmon-muted trumpet to the tight, fast passages, the ensemble performed brilliantly. Tonal blending and precisely matching articulations were impressive for this fine ensemble, led by Larry Burroughs. The dark, ominous playing of the flugelhorn led to the exciting finale, full of rhythmic intensity and excitement. This brilliant performance set the stage well for the Rafael Méndez Extravaganza that followed. (DD)
Shenandoah Trumpet Ensemble, Shenandoah Conservatory
Dr. Chuck Seipp and Dr. Scott Nelson, directors 
Tony Barnwell, Jennifer Riddle, Mike Christie, Joshua Duran, Nick Serbu, Jonathan Wyatt, James Looney, Nathan Bradley, Kyle Vogan, Amanda Conkins
Shenandoah Conservatory Trumpet EnsembleShenandoah Conservatory Trumpet Ensemble
* Click by David Marlatt
* Spree by Jonathan Wyatt
The Shenandoah Conservatory opened boldly from the back of the ballroom with antiphonal Bach. The large ensemble followed with two premieres: Click by David Marlatt and Spree by Jonathan Wyatt, a member of the ensemble. The group exhibited machine-like precision and lyrical beauty, particularly in the flugel lines. (BB)

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Trompettes do Cerrado, Universidade Federal de Goiás
Dr. Antonio Cardoso, director
Antonio Cardoso, Nivaldo Junior, Paulo Ross, Marcelo Eterno, Felipe Arújo, Ricardo Dias, Guilherme Toledo, Wellington Santana, Gerson Amarillo, Tarcísio Santos, Wesley Ribeiro 
Trompettes do CerradoTrompettes do Cerrado Fantasia Brasileira by José Ursicino da Silva “Duda”
The nine-member Trompetes do Cerrado from the Universidade Federal de Goiás in Brazil put on a superb performance of Maestro Duda’s Fantasia Brasileria. The four-movement work features styles and rhythms typical of Brazilian music, and the ensemble presented it with great energy, enthusiasm, and flair. This piece, which the group performed with five trumpets and four flugelhorns, is available through Triplo Press as part of the ”Music from Brazil” series. (KE) 
UD Trumpet Ensemble, University of Delaware
Robert Skoniczin, director
Derek Dillman, Brandon Hess, Adrianna Korey, Nick Pietuszka, Jessica Sawall, Lucas Schumann
University of Delaware Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of Delaware Trumpet Ensemble
Birds of Paradise by Erik Morales
The University of Delaware Trumpet Ensemble performed Erik Morales’s Birds of Paradise. The six-member ensemble, directed by Robert Skoniczin, performed the work from memory, allowing them to incorporate some staging with the music. As with other compositions by Morales, Birds of Paradise is filled with fanfares and flourishes that create great excitement. The UD Trumpet Ensemble gave an exciting performance of the piece, with exceptional individual and ensemble playing, to the delight of the audience. (KE)
UF Trumpet Ensemble, University of Florida
Dr. Randolph Lee, director 
Isaac Brantley, Michael Breen, Josh Drourr, Andy Duarte, Zach Roberts, Nick Vivas
University of Florida Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of Florida Trumpet Ensemble
Harambee by Paul Basler
The University of Florida Trumpet Ensemble, under the direction of Dr. Randy Lee, performed Paul Basler’s Harambee. In Swahili, “harambee” means “all pull together” or “collective effort.” The piece is written in a call-and-response format and evokes images of African melody and rhythms. The five-member ensemble delivered an enthusiastic and spirited performance. The group had a controlled sound and excellent intonation during the many unison passages. It was an enjoyable performance, and the piece is available through RM Williams Publishing. (KE)
UIndy Trumpet Ensemble, University of Indianapolis
Larry Powell, director
Greg Benham, Sadie Layman, Breann Royer, Ty Helms, Lizzie Essig, Brenda Clark, Zach Losacker, David Wolfe, Larry Powell
UIndy Trumpet Ensemble, University of IndianapolisUIndy Trumpet Ensemble, University of Indianapolis
Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury by Benjamin Britten
Fanfare of the Bells by Jennifer Fletcher

The UIndy Trumpet Ensemble, led by Professor Larry Powell, opened the recital by Olivier Anthony Theurillat with a prelude of two fantastic fanfares. First performing Benjamin Britten’s Fanfare for St. Edmundsbury, the ensemble of eight trumpeters played with precision and power, demonstrating good technique, sound, and flair. The audience then enjoyed Jennifer Fletcher’s Fanfare of the Bells, a complex piece in which the ensemble played musically, with an exciting flourish that served as a great finish to this prelude performance. (SW)

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UMaine Trumpet Ensemble, University of Maine
Dr. Jack Burt, director
Kyle Goupille, Annie Morgan, Brandon Emerson, Anneliese Smith, Vanessa Caron, Hannah Edgecomb
University of Maine Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of Maine Trumpet Ensemble
Idea #24 by Terry Everson 
The University of Maine Trumpet Ensemble, directed by Dr. Jack Burt, excited the audience with their performance of Terry Everson's Idea #24. Special guest Trent Austin added flair to the ensemble with his impressive high-tessitura playing. Idea #24 is a virtuosic composition, which this ensemble performed spectacularly. All members demonstrated great technical command in playing quick running lines that passed seamlessly from voice to voice and musical sensitivity in performing numerous styles from Classical to Latin jazz. (AW)
UNCP Trumpet Ensemble, University of North Carolina at Pembroke
Dr. Timothy M. Altman, director
Terri Smith, Rachel McCoy, William Hebert, William Boyce, Breion Thomas, Dylan Quick, Timothy Altman
UNC at Pembroke Trumpet EnsembleUNC at Pembroke Trumpet Ensemble
Subo by Joseph Sheehan
The trumpet ensemble from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke performed Subo, a piece inspired by the music of Ghana and featuring syncopated rhythms and allusions to African drumming and jazz. The trumpeters performed with great dynamic contrast and versatility as the piece featured a variety of styles that required great flexibility, rapid articulation, and quick stylistic changes. The rhythmic ostinato in the flugelhorn prevailed throughout the piece as muted trumpets oscillated between pointed articulated sections and soaring melodic passages, culminating in a sweet, lyrical finish. (OF)
UNF Trumpet Ensemble, University of North Florida 
Dr. Randall Tinnin, director
Trumpets: Ashton Sharrett, Matthew Rossmann, Carson Smisek, Brian Hickey, Jonathan McRae, Kevin Fulford, Stephen Grondin, Elizabeth Risner, Anthony Stagnitta; Horns: Aaron Lehrian, Greg Balut; Tuba: Clement Dutheil 
University of North Florida Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of North Florida Trumpet Ensemble
Frozen by Christophe Beck

The Ceremonial Brass, consisting of students at University of North Florida under the direction of Dr. Randall Tinnin, performed Christophe Beck’s Frozen. The ensemble ranged from piccolo trumpet to tuba, giving the ensemble a wide range within which to play. Mutes, stomping, change of direction, and ornaments all contributed to the eclectic mixture of colors throughout the work that alternated between driving passages, full chords, and singing lyrical sections. Heralding fanfares in the piccolo trumpet combined with lush chords formed by the rest of the ensemble to generate an exciting finish. (WK) 
United States Air Force Academy Band Trumpets
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Price, Commander
MSgt Tim Allums, TSgt Patrick Brush, TSgt Chris Hammiel, SSgt Adrian Holton, SSgt Benjamin Sampson, SrA Andrew Fowler
US Air Force Academy Trumpet EnsembleUS Air Force Academy Trumpet Ensemble
Americana Medley by Aaron Copland and George Gershwin, arranged by Ssgts Adrian Holton and Benjamin Sampson
The US Air Force Academy Band Trumpets performed a brilliant Americana Medley, arranged by ensemble members Staff Sergeants Adrian Holton and Benjamin Sampson. The instrumentation of the six-member group included piccolo trumpet and four B-flat trumpets, along with a four-valve flugelhorn that maximized its lowest range to provide a bass line that at times sounded surprisingly like a euphonium. The creative arrangement made effective use of cup mutes on the quartet of B-flat trumpets to accompany solo passages by the excellent piccolo trumpet and flugelhorn. Beginning with “Buckaroo Holiday” from Copland’s Rodeo, the medley also featured excerpts from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess. Ranging from crisp ensemble virtuosity to raucous big band section playing, the US Air Force Academy Trumpets dazzled the appreciative audience. (EK)

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University of Iowa Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Amy Schendel, director
Kenken Gorder, Evan Fowler, Jarrid Jaynes, Lee Stickney, Joseph Arch, Aunna Marzen, Claire McCall
University of Iowa Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of Iowa Trumpet Ensemble
Let It Rest by Andrew Koss

James Wood’s clinic opened with a performance by the University of Iowa Trumpet Ensemble, under the guidance of Dr. Amy Schendel, of Andrew Koss’s Let It Rest. The ensemble handled the opening rhythmic motive as it passed from player to player with ease. The shared fragmented line evoked images for the listener of moving parts within a machine. The piece transitioned to a beautiful array of swelling lines and harmonic motion as it came to a close. Overall, it was a fantastic performance by the ensemble, showcasing a wide variety of colors and timbres for the audience to enjoy. (JS)
University of Tennessee Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Cathy Leach and Ms. Tina Erickson, directors
Aaron Kannengieser, Elise Armstrong, Elliott Rose, Garry Tyler Smith, Zane Winchester, Seth Felker, Darby Flaherty, Joseph Goyeau
University of Tennessee Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of Tennessee Trumpet Ensemble
Light Cavalry Overture by Franz von Suppé, arranged by Cathy Leach
The University of Tennessee Trumpet Ensemble launched into the von Suppé classic with a spirited fanfare bursting with energy. The unit demonstrated superior dynamic control and expressiveness as they proceeded into the second suspense-filled section, as well as the more morose romantic section. The well-known “galloping” melody was performed with focus and style - never “campy” - and built to a dramatic climax. This refreshing performance was a terrific new take on an older warhorse. (NM)
UNLV Trumpet Ensemble, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dr. Barbara Hull, director
Viccenzo Pinto, Bronson Pascual, Avery Yonehiro, Matt Wright, Marlee Witt
UNLV Trumpet EnsembleUNLV Trumpet Ensemble
Debussy’s Violin Sonata: A One-Movement Adaptation by Claude Debussy, arranged by Gretchen Hull
The UNLV Trumpet Ensemble opened the session with a performance of Gretchen Hull’s arrangement Debussy’s Violin Sonata. The work featured a series of sparse, meandering lines that built to an effective unison arrival. The group played with a consistency of articulation and style, as they used various combinations of flugelhorn with trumpets in E-flat, C, and B-flat. The ensemble should be commended on performing the demanding arrangement and embracing the challenging tonal colors abundant in Debussy’s music. (NV)
USA Trumpet Ensemble, University of South Alabama
Dr. Peter Wood, director
Cody Morrison, Paige Nelson, Erick Wicklund, Shawn Wright
University of South Alabama Trumpet EnsembleUniversity of South Alabama Trumpet Ensemble
Träumerei: Hommage à Schumann by Takuya Shigeta
* Epiphanies I: Oakleigh Mists by Shawn Wright (World Premiere)
The Bijon Watson clinic opened with a performance by the University of South Alabama Trumpet Ensemble. The group performed Takuya Shigeta’s Träumerei: Hommage à Schumann and the world premiere of Epiphanies I: Oakleigh Mists by South Alabama student and ensemble member Shawn Wright. Wright’s work is an excellent addition to the trumpet ensemble repertoire, featuring an impressive range of colors, textures, and characters. Both of these very difficult works were performed with ease by this fine ensemble. (JC)

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Virginia Tech Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Jason Crafton, director
Elizabeth Kania, Ryan Fuhrman, Caroline Amodeo, Chris Thomas, Jameson O’Donnell
Virginia Tech Trumpet EnsembleVirginia Tech Trumpet Ensemble
Sextet by Oskar Böhme
The Virginia Tech Trumpet Ensemble, directed by Dr. Jason Crafton, performed the first movement (Adagio-Allegro molto) of Böhme’s Sextet. This famous work for brass quintet and solo trumpet was adapted for six trumpets by Adam Gautille, a graduate of Baylor University who currently studies with Ryan Anthony. The Virginia Tech Trumpet Ensemble handled the tricky passing of melodic lines with great precision and ease. (KE)
West Chester University Women’s Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski, director
Hayley Daub, Amanda Ficca, Mary Maule, Rebecca Palmer, Morganne Piestrak
West Chester University Women's Trumpet EnsembleWest Chester University Women's Trumpet Ensemble
X1 by Erik Morales
The West Chester University Women’s Trumpet Ensemble provided a marvelous performance of Erik Morales's X1. The demanding piece showcased their wonderful ensemble skills, including excellent intonation and a uniform tone quality. Their spirited playing and solid double-tonguing built to a climactic finish. The group was rock-solid and a pleasure to hear. (NV)

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Conference Reporting and Photography Staff


Reporting Staff

Brianne Borden (BB) currently serves as a teaching assistant at Arizona State University, where she is pursuing her Doctor of Music degree under Professor David Hickman. She travels regularly to perform recitals and present Yoga for Musicians clinics.


Jason Crafton (JC) is assistant professor of trumpet at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia.


Davy DeArmond (DD) is trumpet instrumentalist with the United States Naval Academy Band and serves on faculties of The Catholic University of America, Washington College, and Anne Arundel Community College.


Kevin Eisensmith (KE) is professor of trumpet and assistant chair of the music department at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He served as president of ITG from 2009 to 2011 and was recently elected to serve as secretary from 2017 to 2019.


Luis Engelke (LE) is professor of trumpet at Towson University and principal trumpet with several orchestras. He serves as editor of the Music Reviews column for the ITG Journal and chair of the ITG Commissions Committee.


Olivia Funkhouser (OF) is currently pursuing a master's degree in trumpet performance at the University of North Texas with Dr. Jason Bergman after earning bachelor's degrees in trumpet performance and music education at the University of Southern Mississippi.


Ryan Gardner (RG) is associate professor of trumpet at Oklahoma State University. He is an avid performer and a member of the ITG Board of Directors and serves as the New York and Los Angeles artistic coordinator for Music for Autism.


Alan Klaus (AK) is assistant professor of trumpet at Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada.


Elisa Koehler (EK) is professor of music and director of the Center for Dance, Music, and Theatre at Goucher College. She is the author of Fanfares and Finesse: A Performer's Guide to Trumpet History and Literature and has served on the editorial staff of the ITG Journal since 2002.


Will Koehler (WK) is an active performer, educator, and writer and teaches at Bloomington High School North, Northview High School, and Tri-North Middle School in Bloomington, Indiana. He is a DM student in trumpet performance at the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.


Marie Mencher (MM) is a music education candidate at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where she studies trumpet with Dr. Kevin Eisensmith. She holds a BA in Latin American Studies from Wesleyan University.


Eric Millard (EM) currently serves as third trumpet with the Tallahassee Symphony and is pursuing his doctorate in trumpet performance at Florida State University.


Kyle Millsap (KM) is assistant professor of trumpet and jazz at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. He oversees the dynamic trumpet program and directs the trumpet ensembles, jazz trumpet ensembles, and Jazz Band 3.


Nick Mondello (NM) is a freelance trumpeter, educator/clinician/consultant and writer. He is the author of 365 Trumpet Lessons, writes for many jazz publications, and is the editor of the Studio/Commercial Scene column for the ITG Journal.


Paige Nelson, editorial assistant, is a master’s trumpet student at the University of Northern Colorado and a recent graduate of the University of South Alabama.


Donald K. Roeder (DR), MD, FACS, is a retired thoracic surgeon who lives in Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania. He serves as a bugler with the Cumberland County Honor Guard and performs with the Carlisle Town Band and the Carlisle Brass Quintet.


J. Peyden Shelton (JS) is currently assistant professor of trumpet at the University of Utah. He is also a Stomvi Flex mouthpiece artist and a Torpedo Bag professional artist.


Steve Siegel (SS) is a recordings reviewer and sheet music reviewer for the International Trumpet Guild Journal. He is the instructor of trumpet at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky.


Nick Volz (NV) is associate professor of classical and jazz trumpet at Loyola University New Orleans. He performs with a variety of groups, including the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra.


Rebecca Walenz (RW) is the editor of the itg journal, jr. column in the ITG Journal. She is a doctoral teaching assistant in trumpet performance at Florida State University, where she studies with Christopher Moore.


Spencer Wallin (SW) is currently a teaching fellow at the University of North Texas, where he studies with Jason Bergman. Wallin has performed with the Dallas Winds, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, and the Utah Symphony Orchestra.


Aaron Witek (AW) is assistant professor of trumpet at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where he is a member of the Black Bayou Brass. 


Jodi Graham Wood is the assistant editor and principal proofreader of the ITG Journal and also serves as instructor of horn at the University of South Alabama.


Photography Staff

Michael Anderson (MA) is the ITG Website director and head photographer for the conference. He serves as professor of trumpet at Oklahoma City University and is a member of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic.


Norman Bergstrom (NB) has been a member of the Blawenburg (New Jersey) Band trumpet section since 1962. He is also the photographer for the Nova Orchestra in West Windsor, New Jersey.


Del Lyren (DL) is professor of trumpet and jazz at Bemidji State University. He has been active in many aspects of ITG, including co-hosting the 2011 conference in Minneapolis.


Brian Shook (BS) is associate professor of trumpet at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and is the editor of the Recording Reviews column for the ITG Journal. He also serves as stage manager for the ITG Conference.


John Tamer (JT) is a trumpet player living in Ellicott City, Maryland, who works as an engineer at Johns Hopkins University.



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