2019 ITG Conference Prelude Performances

July 17, 2019

The 44th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference - Miami, Florida (USA)
Special Daily Report • Compiled by Peter Wood
Photos by Michael Anderson, Norman Black, 
Benjamin Lowe, and Donald Sorah

Conference Prelude Performances

* Indicates premiere performances.
Groups are listed alphabetically.


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Ensamble de Trompetas de la Universidad de Costa Rica
Juan C. Meza Solano, director 
Luis Araya, Juan Meza, Jairo Vega, Jesus Campos, Jose Loria, Fabian Mata, Kenny Casanova, Cristian Sarmientos, and Juan Vargas, trumpets
Intrada Dramatica by Joe Price

The Ensemble de Trompetas de la Universidad de Costa Rica took the stage and commanded the audience's attention with a burst of rhythmically propulsive declamations. Playing with impeccable precision, intonation, and balance, the group’s finely tuned chords were enhanced by their warm, burnished sound. (EK)


CF Trumpet Ensemble, College of Central Florida
Trey Moore, director
Jaysander Rodriguez, Christian Tomaszewski, Joe Pacifici. Lily D. Stidham, Reece Salmon, and Trey Moore, trumpets
Affiliate Chapters RecitalAffiliate Chapters Recital
Dürrenhorn Passage by Kevin McKee

The College of Central Florida’s CF Trumpet Ensemble gave a superb rendition of Kevin McKee’s Dürrenhorn Passage. Their performance grabbed the audience’s attention immediately with a powerful and striking sound that was accented by tremendous precision from each performer. Their ability to change colors throughout each section of the work was fantastic and provided a unique musical journey for the listener. Their electrifying interpretation of their challenging piece gave a wonderful transition into the session’s presentation and left the audience on the edge of their seats. (JPS)


CNU Trumpet Ensemble, Christopher Newport University 
Dr. Kelly Rossum, director 
Sarah Kay Biser, Charles Smith, Daniel Berry, Tyler Brookhart, Margaret Metts, Thomas Flynn, Emily Grace Louis, Jacob Sheffield, and Hayden Cameron, trumpets
Legacy: Welcome to the Circle by  Kelly Rossum

Dr. Kelly Rossum conducted his own composition honoring the “circle of fellowship and shared experiences that occurs at ITG conferences.” The piece featured colorful harmonies throughout that often morphed into ostinato moving lines, building momentum. His open fifths and suspended fourths created a pandiatonic effect as they rang like bells, and the layered double-tonguing passages built to a jarring climax. The ensemble should be commended for embracing such challenging harmonies and dissonances with confidence while delivering a musical performance with poise. (NV)


Duquesne University Trumpet Ensemble
Professor Chad Winkler, director 
Joseph Beaver, Kevin Skinkis, Robert Jarsulic, Matthew Piato, Thomas Houghton III, Ryan Fulton, Mikayla Justen, Mikki Cersosimo, Amy Bertsch, Abigail Iksic, Matthew Eisenreich, Zach DeLuise, and Michael Zech, trumpets
Finlandia by Jean Sibelius, arr. Brian Buerkle

The Duquesne University Trumpet Ensemble, under the direction of Chad Winkler, opened the program with Finlandia by Sibelius, arranged by Brian Buerkle for eleven trumpets, including flugelhorn and bass trumpet. A full, rich opening led to the gorgeous, popular melody that floated on top of the foundation established by the ensemble. The group beautifully executed this new setting of the beloved standard. (WK)


Schwob Trumpet Ensemble, Columbus State University
Dr. Robert Murray, director 
Dylan Boyd, Stephen Burden, Douglas Escobar, Brandon Fortson, Patrick Lindsey, Nathan Moore, Rashaan Skrine, Harold Villa, Steven Vought, and Adam White, trumpets
New Works INew Works I
Subduction by Brandon Dicks

The ten-member trumpet ensemble from the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University, under the direction of Dr. Rob Murray and conducted by Brandon Dicks, performed Dicks’s own Subduction. The subdued opening gave way to a dramatic crescendo, and the pairing of Harmon and cup mutes created a complex timbre. The piece showcased antiphonal choirs as well as solo and full-ensemble playing. (MM)


Emporia State University Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Gary D. Ziek, director 
Wyatt Campbell, Clayton Happy, Katelyn Hess, Ben Ortstadt, Bailey Poage, Joe Ruiter, Tristan Stevens, Lucy Steyer, and Robert Nance, trumpets; Hunter Poage, trombone; Annjela Abbey, bass trombone
“Habanera” from Carmen by Georges Bizet, arr. Gary Ziek
Ceremony by Gary Ziek

The Emporia State University Trumpet Ensemble (plus two trombones) opened their performance with Dr. Gary Ziek’s arrangement of “Habanera” from Carmen. The arrangement featured great interplay among the ensemble and captured the spirit of the original. Their second piece was an original composition by Ziek, titled Ceremony. The group showcased their talents well with great excitement and energy, and their performance served as a great lead-in to the concert that followed. (KM)


University of Florida Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Randy Lee, director 
Ben Elgan, Eli Denecke, Adrienne Widener, Josh Drourr, Brendan Sweeney, and Jake Hardy, trumpets
“Scherzo” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Felix Mendelssohn, arr. Ben Elgan

The University of Florida Trumpet Ensemble performed Mendelssohn’s “Scherzo” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, arranged by the group’s own Ben Elgan, to open Jose Sibaja’s recital. The performance highlighted well the technical abilities of each player in the ensemble and was incredibly colorful due to every performer’s playing a different trumpet. The audience’s reception was enthusiastic and set the tone for the ensuing recital. (MV)


FSC Trumpet Ensemble, Florida Southern College 
Dr. Don McLaurin, director
John Pirillo, Josh Rakes, Christopher Alegria, Amanda Cook, Leighton Smith, Haley Rodriguez, and Cati Ficquette, trumpets; Zoe Perkins and Tabitha Lutz, cello
New Works IINew Works II
Canzon Cornetto by Samuel Scheidt
Someone Like You by Frank Wildhorn, arr. Jamey Ray and Don McLaurin

The Florida Southern College Trumpet Ensemble presented two prelude pieces under the direction of Dr. Don McLaurin. A trumpet quartet performed Samuel Scheidt’s Canzon Cornetto with beautiful ensemble blend and effortless trading of melodic lines. This was followed by an adaptation of Frank Wildhorn’s Someone Like You, arranged by Jamey Ray and adapted by Dr. McLaurin for nine trumpets and two cellos. The young ensemble’s sensitive playing shone through with cantabile flugelhorn lines filling out this romantic number. (MM)


FSW Trumpet Quartet, Florida Southwestern State College 
Dr. Tom Smith, director 
Shannon O’Neil, Kelly Quinn, Cicero McCarter, and Joyel Norton, trumpets
Jesus, My Soul’s Delight by J.S. Bach
Rouse Thyself, My Weak Spirit by J.S. Bach

The four members of the Florida Southwestern State College Trumpet Ensemble opened Jose Sibaja’s masterclass by performing pieces by J.S. Bach. Conducted by Dr. Tom Smith, they demonstrated great maturity and musicality in their performance.  Because there were only four players, each was featured. They blended well together and obviously enjoyed playing this time-honored chorale genre. On Charles Decker’s arrangement of Fugue No. 11, from The Well Tempered Clavier, Book 1, they were well balanced and played with great energy and conviction.  It was an especially great way to inspire the high school students who were present that morning to work with Jose Sibaja, and their performance was obviously appreciated by all in attendance. (PS)


Liantes sin piano, Global Institute for Music Research
Jordi Albert, director 
Guillem Torro, Ivan Martí, Gabi Garcés, and Jordi Albert, trumpets

Prelude et Intrada by Howard Buss

The Global Institute for Music Research Trumpet Ensemble performed Prelude et Intrada by Howard Buss as the prelude to Rebecca Palmer’s youth lecture. The Prelude section began with a sonorous chord, and the following counterpoint highlighted each member’s beautiful sound. The Intrada brought a new brilliant color in a fanfare character to contrast with the opening section. Their performance was well received and prepared the audience well for the lecture that followed. (SB)


Trompetes do Cerrado, Universidade Federal de Goiás
Dr. Antonio Cardoso, director 
Antonio Cardoso, Felipe Araújo, Guilherme Toledo, Kaellen Castro, Lourrainy Cabral, Marcelo Eterno, and Ricardo Dias, trumpets
Fantasia Brasileira by Jose de Silva “Duda”

The Trompetes do Cerrado, led by Dr. Antonio Cardoso, performed Fantasia Brasileira by Jose de Silva “Duda.” The six-member ensemble from Brazil played the work with a great sense of style and enthusiasm. In four movements and based on Brazilian folk music, the piece is full of rhythmic complexity. Trompetes do Cerrado created a festive atmosphere with their performance. (KE)


UI Trumpet Ensemble, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 
Nicole Gillotti, director
Brian Galli, Chris Armstrong, Tory Greenwood, Andrew Magosky, Nick Jenz, Paris Baptiste, and Tyler Cornwall, trumpets
Lincolnshire Posy by Percy Grainger, arr. Brian Galli

This morning’s recital opened with a performance of three movements from Percy Grainger’s Lincolnshire Posy, as arranged by Brian Galli, one of the ensemble’s members. The trumpet septet executed the work beautifully. A variety of tonal colors across the ensemble provided for great musical intrigue throughout the piece, and the group’s ability to blend those sounds provided a pleasant homogeneity that allowed them to capture the spirit of the work. The ensemble’s hard work and commitment to the music really shone through, and the audience was clearly appreciative of their efforts. (TT)


Mahidol University Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Joseph Bowman, director
Nitiphum Bamrungbanthum, Surasi Chanoksakul, Narongkit Chanthadilokporn, Nattamon Dusitsophon, Kueakool Jaisom, Termpong Jaieim, Alongkorn Laosaichua,Titinun Manonati, Panalee Naknaka, Suchol Nintawong, Sompop Puengpreeda, Patcharee Suwantada, Radit Towong, Patchara Vinitvorakul, Krisatri Weerawonwattana, and Kunyaporn Wirunpochit, trumpets
Affiliate Chapters RecitalAffiliate Chapters Recital
X1 by Erik Morales

The students of Mahidol University and Joseph Bowman should be commended for traveling such a long way from Thailand and giving a very polished, exciting performance. Erik Morales’s X1 was named after the first supersonic airplane and provided an excellent opportunity to showcase the students’ strong technique and consistent articulation. The ensemble doubled all five parts, but there was still fine solo playing by individuals and a good ensemble balance throughout. (NV)


SCCC Trumpet Ensemble, Schenectady County Community College School of Music 
Dr. Allyson Keyser, director
Todd DuBrey, Ben L’Ecuyer, Matt McCann, Jake Morrissey, and Bryce Kelly, trumpets
Cityscapes by Erik Morales
Amazing Grace, arr. M.S. Grant
* Reflections in Jazz and Blues by Dylan Canterbury

Schenectady Trumpet Ensemble’s performance was stylistically diverse. “Rush Hour” from Erik Morales’ Cityscapes, was a lively opener. Marcus Grant’s arrangement of Amazing Grace followed, with melodic lines in canon and electrifying suspensions. A world premiere of Reflections in Jazz and Blues by Dylan Canterbury closed, with moments that evoked spontaneous improvisation. (MM)


SWOSU Trumpet Ensemble, Southwestern Oklahoma State University 
Dr. Richard Tirk, director
Alex Davis, Tommy Smith, Austin Hardman, Amanda Bacon, Jeremiah Cross, Dustin Gorny, Aaron Edge, Davison Nguyen, Miranda Giessel, Donna Hyde, Gary Hoover, Andy Cifuentes, Kayla Clay, and Andrew Howse, trumpets

[Photo unavailable]

An Overture and a Finale by Ronald LoPresti

Opening the evening’s feature jazz concert was the Southwestern Oklahoma State University Trumpet Ensemble performing Ronald LoPresti’s An Overture and a Finale. From the very opening, the group displayed great precision, blend, and unity of sound and articulation. The odd-meter sections so prevalent in LoPresti’s music were executed within a steady groove, with each member adhering to time with noticeable ease. The quality of the communication across the ensemble, from clearly marked cues to the eyes and ears necessary to absorb them, the players were constantly in sync with one another. (TT)


TrumpetSix, Texas A&M University-Commerce
Dr. Daniel Kelly, director
Madison Barton, McKenna Hill, Austin Loehr, Michaela Schwyhart, Isaiah Scott, and Rylan Taylor, trumpets
Milestone by Kent Boulton

The Texas A&M-Commerce Trumpet Ensemble did an enthusiastic performance of Kent Boulton’s Milestone. The prelude consisted of flourishes and exchanges of runs over several ostinatos. A few lyrical sections showcased the ensemble’s warmth of sound, and pyramids with Harmon mute provided additional contrast. This was an excellent performance with precision and energy throughout. (LE)


University of Texas at Tyler Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Jeremy McBain, director
Paul Arriola, Kyle Bennett, Gavin Clarke, Ethan Day, Dylan McCann, and Peter Merts, trumpets

[Photo unavailable]

Congratulamini Mihi by Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Concert Fanfare by Eric Ewazen

The six-member ensemble from the University of Texas at Tyler infused the Renaissance polyphony of Palestrina’s Congratulamini Mihi with exquisite balance, fine intonation, and a warm sound. Their performance of Ewazen’s Concert Fanfare exhibited fine control of expressive dynamics and ensemble precision. (EK)


WCU Trumpet Ensemble, West Chester University of Pennsylvania 
Dr. Jean-Christophe Dobrzelewski and Mr. Robert Skoniczin, 
Samuel Zatkow, Adrianna Korey, Alyssa Kenny, Julianna Johnson, Charlotte McMillen, Maeve Bartra, Chloe Francis, and Nicholas Bowser, trumpets
Conquest by Erik Morales

The West Chester University Trumpet Ensemble performed Erik Morales’s Conquest. They played with beautifully warm sounds, which worked well with the lush sonorities of the piece. The soloist projected brilliantly over the ensemble, and the overall performance delivered wonderful energy and excitement. (KM)


Badger Brass, University of Wisconsin-Madison 
Ms. Jean Laurenz, director 
Nick Hill, Matthew Kellen, Brighin Kane-Grade, Brendan Anderson, Joseph Rockman, and Kaitlyn Rian, trumpets
Suite for Five Trumpets by Ronald Lo Presti

The Badger Brass trumpet ensemble from the University of Wisconsin-Madison put on an exciting performance of Ronald Lo Presti’s Suite for Five Trumpets. The first and third movements featured their clear and pointed articulations, while they demonstrated beautiful lyricism in the second movement. The musicians showcased their talents in a passionate and expressive performance. (SS)


Westminster College Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Tim Winfield, director 
Vincent Buell, Sean Evanick, Nikalas Guadagnino, Courtney Labritz, Allison Savage, and Tim Hering, trumpets
Carl FischerCarl Fischer
Barber of Seville Overture by Gioachino Rossini, arr. Erik Morales

The Westminster College Trumpet Ensemble, directed by Dr. Tim Winfield, performed Erik Morales’s arrangement of Gioachino Rossini’s Overture to The Barber of Seville. The work, scored for three trumpets and three flugelhorns, remains true to the original. There was an obvious sense of vitality and energy to the six-member ensemble’s performance. (KE)

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