2022 ITG Conference Prelude Performances

June 10, 2022

The 46th Annual International Trumpet Guild Conference - San Antonio, Texas (USA)
Compiled by Peter Wood

Conference Prelude Performances

* Indicates premiere performances.
Groups are listed alphabetically.


Angelo State University - ASU Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. John Irish, director
Nicholas Alvarado, Manuel Garcia, Adolfo Gaucin, Shaun Hawkins, CJ Lemke, Ben Martin, Nickolas Martinez, Gabriel Muñoz, Sergey West, and William Tipton, trumpets


Exultation by Richard Byrd
The Legend of Pandora by Jason Dovel


The Angelo State University trumpet ensemble, under the direction of Dr. John Irish, certainly did not disappoint. The works performed made excellent use of standard trumpet ensemble writing techniques while also remaining unique and entertaining. This was a captivating performance by the ASU trumpet ensemble. (Nathan Shadix)


Arkansas State University Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Nairam Simoes, director
Audrey Alpha, Chase Bowman, Cody Daughertee, Jonathan Dunlap, Grady Fields, Brody King, Carlos Mejia, Jodie Seaborn, Becca Wertenberger, Blake White, and Ethan Williamson, trumpets


Giza Necropolis by Jason Dovel
Overture to Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss, arr. Zachary Shearer


The Arkansas State University Trumpet Ensemble performed two works for their prelude. On Jason Dovel’s Giza Necropolis, the highly polished performance by the large ensemble featured exceptionally played technical passages and authoritatively played lyrical solos from many members of the ensemble. On the Overture to Die Fledermaus, a much smaller ensemble performed the piece from memory and with some light choreography. Their outstanding rendition of this popular orchestral work was rewarded with a hearty round of applause from an appreciative audience. (Benjamin Hay)


Boston University Trumpet Ensemble
Terry Everson, director
Dominic Amico, Dan Casso, Aysel DeBakey, Paige Dyer, Chloe Francis, Kyra Hulligan, Brendan Mathieson, Caleb Menkhus, and Di Yue, trumpets


Polovetsian Dances by Alexander Borodin, arr. Dan Casso


The Boston University Trumpet Ensemble, joined by their professor Terry Everson, performed Borodin’s Polovetsian Dances completely from memory. The ensemble played well both as individuals and as an ensemble. The two piccolo players had particularly impressive performances of incredibly challenging parts in this very well-received work. (Matthew Vangjel)


Brighton High School Trumpet Sextet
Sharon Long, director
Owen Blush, Nicolas Hardy, Benjamin Mulligan, Luke Newcomb, Jason Robinson, and Vance Straub, trumpets


Dürrenhorn Passage by Kevin McKee


The Brighton High School Trumpet Ensemble provided amazing power and precision throughout their jaw-dropping performance, which was done entirely from memory with the ease of ensembles twice their age. Their dynamic performance showcased tremendous diversity in their musical timbre and artistry. Their performance was truly beautiful and powerful. (James Peyden Shelton)


Brownsville Veterans Memorial Early College High School - Charger Trumpet Quintet
Jaime Ochoa Jr., director
Michael Arizmendi, Hector Montoya, Cesar Paez, Luis Paz, and Orlando Perez, trumpets


Suite for 5 Trumpets by Ronald Lo Presti


The Charger Trumpet Quintet, high school students from Brownsville Veterans Memorial Early College High School in Brownsville, Texas, under the direction of Jaime Ochoa, Jr., performed in impressive fashion. Each member of the ensemble performed with musical sensitivity and chamber music skills rarely found in ensembles of that age. It was a rousing performance, capped by these young performers’ confidence in performing on an international stage. (Joe Nibley)



Duquesne University Trumpet Ensemble
Chad Winkler, director 
Christopher Cox, Noah Kilgus, Julia Lawrence, Ty Lewis, Matt Piato, and Jon Runion, trumpets


Ruslan and Ludmila Overture, Mikhail Glinka, arr. Erik Morales


In the Duquesne Trumpet Ensemble’s prelude performance, the ensemble was highly polished and featured remarkable virtuosity from all members. The technical demands of this arrangement were formidable, especially for the piccolo trumpets, and these challenges were met brilliantly. The performance received an animated applause and provided an outstanding preamble to the performance that followed. (Benjamin Hay)


Eastlake High School Trumpet Ensemble
Caleb Tullius, director
Enrico Galiano, Carlos Garcia, David Guerrero, Diego Desantiago, Omar Marilla, and Eric Huff, trumpets


Concert Fanfare by Eric Ewazen


The Eastlake Trumpet Ensemble performed Eric Ewazen’s Concert Fanfare to welcome attendees to Phil Snedecor’s Thursday afternoon session. The group gave an exciting performance to an enthusiastic audience. They exemplified great chamber playing, connecting in a musical and captivating way not just with each other, but with the audience as well. It was clear that they were enjoying themselves, which made for a great prelude performance. (Brianne Borden)



Emporia State University Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Gary Ziek, director
Wyatt Campbell, Adrienne Dinger, Libby Franks, Katelyn Hess, David Medrano, Caleb Mollett, Ben Ortstadt, Tristan Stevens, RJ Stovall, and Ben Ziek, trumpets


Flourish for Ten Trumpets by Carl Maria von Weber, arr. Charles Decker
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, arr. Gary Ziek
Burnin’ by Gary D. Ziek


The Emporia State University Trumpet Ensemble gave the audience a performance full of energy and musicality. Their opening piece, Flourish for Ten Trumpets, perfectly highlighted the ensemble’s crisp articulations and power. The addition of a euphonium for this piece provided a wonderful depth of sound to the group. The second piece was an arrangement of Mozart’s famous Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. The ensemble completely switched gears from the brilliant and bold opening piece to a more delicate approach. Of particular note was the ensemble’s attention to dynamics and overall gorgeous phrasing when handing off various lines of the melody. The performance was well received by all. Dr. Ziek and the Emporia State Trumpet Ensemble should be commended for their excellent performance! (George Carpten, IV)



Ensemble de Trompetes da Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo
Dr. Kevin G. Wauldron, director
Rui Almeida, Ivo Costa, Pedro Costa, Elisabete Gorrão, Francisco Machado, Rafael Pinto, Bruno Rodrigo, Carlos Sampaio, João Silva, and Carolina Vieira, trumpets


Fanfare for an Angel by James Stephenson
Dürrenhorn Passage by Kevin McKee
Fantasia Brasileira by José Ursicino da Silva


The homogeneous power of this trumpet ensemble from Portugal had the audience on the edge of their seats as the group showcased their amazing precision in articulation. Kevin McKee’s Dürrenhorn Passage truly highlighted the ensemble’s amazing diversity in timbre and the virtuosity of each performer. José Ursicino da Silva’s lively Fantasia Brasileira showcased every aspect of the ensemble’s strengths through four short movements that tested their dynamics, range, precision, and rhythmic clarity. This was a truly amazing prelude performance. (James Peyden Shelton)



Glendale Community College Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Spencer Brand, director
Chloe Colbert, Norris Flores, Nathan Lievre, and Chris Scrivens, trumpets


Three for Four by James Olcott


The sounds of the four musicians in this ensemble blended beautifully, and the delicacy of James Olcott’s Three for Four was very well executed. The performance was a promising beginning to an innovative concert of very stylistically different repertoire. (Christopher Luebke-Brown)


Indiana University of Pennsylvania - IUP Alumni Trumpet Ensemble}
Dr. Kevin E. Eisensmith, director
Justin Bianconi, Sarah Cisney, Nicole Gillotti, Kenken Gorder, Joshua Hilliard, James Johnson, William Stowman, Michael Wertz, Austin Widmann, Timothy Winfield, David Wygonik, and Marisa Youngs, trumpets 


* Fanfare for the Oak Grove by William Stowman
Three Fourteen by Jeremy Leidhecker


The IUP Alumni Trumpet Ensemble came together to honor the retirement of their teacher, Dr. Kevin Eisensmith. The premiere performance of William Stowman’s Fanfare for the Oak Grove was a wonderful way to kick off the evening with its beautiful chords, brilliant ensemble, and heroic sounds. Jeremy Leidhecker’s Three Fourteen, referencing Dr. Eisensmith’s studio number, is meant to represent the full variety of music possible to come from his teaching and allowed the ensemble to run the gamut of musical possibilities. (Kyle Millsap)


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Indiana University of Pennsylvania - IUP Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Kevin E. Eisensmith, director
Justin Bianconi, Sarah Cisney, Austin Fontenoy, Kevin Morrison, Alexander Robbins, and Austin Widmann, trumpets


Kayee Fanfare by Jack Stamp


The IUP Trumpet Ensemble provided an energetic and declamatory opening fanfare. Led by Dr. Kevin E. Eisensmith, the group gave a strong performance of Jack Stamp’s Kayee Fanfare. Featuring equal parts technical and lyrical playing, the group demonstrated great contrast and musicality in this exciting performance. (Julia Bell)


Lone Star State Trumpet Guild 
Dr. John Irish, director
David Amlung, Ben Fairfield, Leigh Anne Hunsaker, John Irish, John Kennedy, Jay Lester, Andy Patterson, Shuler Shuler, and Bernie Scherr, trumpets


Fanfare from La Peri by Paul Dukas, arr. C. Fortner
“Arabian Dance” from Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg, arr. John Irish
Forever Rising by Bernie Scherr


The Lone Star State Trumpet Guild, under the direction of John Irish, played an exhilarating two-piece set, opening with the brilliant La Peri by Paul Dukas, arranged by C. Fortner, who was present in the audience. The expressive sounds of these professional musicians were well showcased through this marvelous arrangement. The second selection was the comical crowd-pleaser Spamalot and the Holy Grail by John Du Prez and Eric Idle, arranged by A. Patterson. This piece had the audience laughing with sections of horse hoof clicks, a horse whinny, and a chant sung by all musicians while hitting their books on their foreheads. A selection like this shows the strong and wide-ranging abilities of this wonderful group. (Maryna Pohlman)


Louisiana State University - LSU Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Matthew Vangjel, director
Francisco Ballestas-Sayas, Alex Ellender, Aidan Giroir, Brandon Hebert, Coleman Scott, Thomas Stratton, Madison Williams, and Brandon Wood, trumpets


Sinfonia and Caprice, Op. 56, by Itaru Sakai


Under the direction of Dr. Matthew Vangjel, the Louisiana State University Trumpet Ensemble performed a beautiful and relatively unknown work for trumpet ensemble. In the technical sections, the students maintained a light crispness in their articulation, which kept the piece moving almost like a stream bubbling its way down the mountainside and gave the performance musical drive and direction. In the lyrical sections, they maintained an impressive attention to intonation, blend, and ensemble that gave the audience a sense of weightlessness and floating. These students have very bright futures and their teacher, Dr. Vangjel, is doing impressive work at LSU. (Joe Nibley)


North Dakota State University - NDSU Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Jeremy Brekke, director
Robert Black, Jonas Biles, Zack Carlson, Cadence DeCoteau, Travis Elliason, Isaac Homuth, Josh Maki, Maddie Ripka, Jaden Rohrich, and Byron Ward, trumpets


Into the Blue by Kevin McKee


In the NDSU Trumpet Ensemble’s passionate performance of Erik Morales’s Into the Blue, tangible excitement filled the air. The group’s grasp of dynamics made for a captivating performance that noticeably elevated the energy in the room. It was also a nice contrast to the recital that followed, which featured mostly lyrical works. (Eli Denecke)



Southern Arkansas University - BLUE Trumpet Ensemble
David D. Torres, director
Kobi Brittenham, Caleb Castle, Josh Green, Jackson Heflin, and Logan Jacobs, trumpets


Fanfare from La Peri by Paul Dukas, arr. Marie Speziale

Directed by David D. Torres, the Southern Arkansas University “BLUE” Trumpet Ensemble performed Marie Speziale’s arrangement of Fanfare from La Peri for four trumpets and three flugelhorns. The group kicked off with a bombastic opening chord and excellent group sound. The three flugelhorns covered the parts traditionally played by the horns and low brass, which added the necessary depth to the ensemble. The group was well balanced and easily filled the room in the upper dynamics. (Marisa Youngs)


Southwestern Oklahoma State University Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Richard Tirk, director
Dustin Gorny, Gary Hoover, Donna Hyde, Nathan Logan, John Sharp, and Cydney Stotts, trumpets


New Century 2000 AD by David Uber
Prelude and Fugue for Trumpet Choir by Eric Ewazen


The Southwestern Oklahoma State University Trumpet Ensemble opened Saturday evening’s final concert with a spirited and dynamic performance of David Uber’s New Century 2000 AD and Eric Ewazen’s Prelude and Fugue for Trumpet Choir. The formidable, angular lines in the Uber were contrasted well by the declamatory fanfare figures in the Ewazen. The group’s vibrant sounds resonated throughout the ballroom for a captivating performance from this well-balanced ensemble. (Peter Wood)



Tarleton State University Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Brian Walker, director
Milton Alvarez, Brandon Arriola, William Brown, Marco Hernandez-Leal, Jersey Kronk, Brendan Lorenz, Robby Need, Gabby Nguyen, and Hunter Steele, trumpets


Fantasia for Seven Trumpets by Eric Ewazen


In the Tarleton State Trumpet Ensemble’s prelude performance, the leadership of each individual was apparent in the various solo lines throughout the piece. This highly skilled group played with a uniform sound that resonated well throughout the Travis Park Church sanctuary. (Eli Denecke)


Texas A&M International University - TAMIU Trumpet Guild
Dr. Nicole Gillotti, director
Mario Valle, Alexis Pina, Gerardo Garcia, and Darian Ponce, trumpets


Fanfare for an Angel by James Stephenson


The TAMIU Trumpet Ensemble, directed by Dr. Nicole Gillotti, performed Jim Stephenson’s Fanfare for an Angel as an opening prelude for the second New Works Recital. This exciting rendition was defined by their soloistic musicianship while still maintaining a balanced and unified ensemble sound. Each of the performers was given time to shine, and their artistry was inspiring. (Christopher Luebke-Brown)



Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi  - TAMUCC Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Mary Thornton, director
Melinda Dunagan, Gavin East, Dustin Hernandez, Luis Rodriguez, James Tomerlin, Juan Vargas III, and Mary Silva, trumpets


Concert Fanfare by Eric Ewazen 


In the TAMUCC Trumpet Ensemble’s performance of Eric Ewazen’s Concert Fanfare, their sound exploded into the hall from the very first note and held the audience's attention to the very last note. Their crisp articulation and contrasting color within the ensemble was a true pleasure to experience. It was the perfect opening fanfare for the wonderful concert that followed. (James Peyden Shelton)



Texas A&M University-Commerce - TrumpetSix
Dr. Daniel Kelly, director
Kourtney Cimino, Frederick Davis, Christian Griffin, Matthew Johnson, Michaela Schwyhart, Corbin Sullivan, trumpets


Neon Fanfare by Elaine M. Ross


TrumpetSix performed a dynamic prelude filled with vibrant colors and great technicality. The music was full of contrasting ideas and great lyrical melodies pitted against striking dissonances. The audience enjoyed their exciting performance and very impressive display of top-level musicianship. (Spencer Wallin)



Texas A&M University- Kingsville - Jalisco Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Kyle Millsap, director
Carolina De La Rosa, David De La Rosa, Jesus Espinoza, Severin Manley, Brandon O’Donohue, and Lacey Peschel, trumpets


Metallic Fury by Erik Morales
The Summer Knows by Michel Legrand, arr. Scott Belck


The members of the Jalisco Trumpet Ensemble from Texas A&M University- Kingsville played a wonderful opening prelude for the late-night concert in the Regency Ballroom. Morales’s Metallic Fury featured the group’s exciting playing and unified articulations. Belck’s colorful arrangement of The Summer Knows featured several members of the group, but it was a special opportunity to spotlight their exceptional lead trumpet player. The group had a strong sense of tone and poise as they delivered a terrific performance. (Nick Volz)



Texas A&M University-Kingsville - Javelina Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Kyle Millsap, director
Carolina De La Rosa, David De La Rosa, Yamila De La Rosa, Evàn Garza, Anthony Hernandez, Nicolas Hernandez, and Jessenia Reyna, trumpets


Giza Necropolis by Jason Dovel


TAMUK’s Javelina Trumpet Ensemble performed Jason Dovel’s Giza Necropolis. This epic and exciting work featured a great deal of fast tonguing and fingering passages, sweeping Romantic-era harmonic progressions, and a contrasting, lyrical middle section. The ensemble displayed excellent communication skills among the members and presented a high-energy performance that was well received. (Scott Hagarty)



Texas Christian University - TCU Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Jon Burgess, director
Elisabeth Adkins, Manny Arellano, Hannah Baer, Karson Beer, Emily Dear, Ford Harris, Jonathan Hunda, Trey Isenberg, Sebastian Marin, Lucas Maynard, Eithan Moreno, Nathan Musso, Hayden Nicholson, Hayden Simms, Brandon Slate, Michael Strobel, and Andy Taylor, trumpets


A Trumpet Fanfare by Patrick Vu
Hubsongs arr. Micah Bell


The TCU trumpet ensemble performed a crisp, well-balanced rendition of Patrick Vu’s A Trumpet Fanfare, featuring flugelhorn soloist Johnathan Hunda. Their second selection was Micah Bell’s arrangement of Hubsongs, which included sections of funk, swing, jazz waltz, and blues and featured soloists Hayden Simms and Sebastian Marin. (Daniel Kelly)



University of Colorado Boulder Trumpets
Dr. Ryan Gardner, director
Chris Boulais, Christopher Luebke-Brown, Noah Mennenga, Rebecca Ortiz, and Michael Winkler, trumpets


Capriccio Espagnol by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, arr. Ryan Gardner


The University of Colorado Boulder Trumpets performed an arrangement by Dr. Ryan Gardner of Rimsky-Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol. This arrangement was done in a very smart way, mixing the instrumentation between duos, trios, and quartets and only involving all five parts in limited large and loud moments. This piece earned the ensemble a first-place finish at the National Trumpet Competition just a few months prior. Particularly effective was the unique use of tin foil sheets as mutes over the bell to create the effect of a snare drum. The ensemble performed the selection memorized and used unique stage positioning and bell direction to enhance musical effects. Theyand performed in a well-polished way with excellent communication, intonation, phrasing, and balance across the ensemble. (Scott Hagarty)



University of Nevada, Las Vegas - UNLV Trumpet Studio
Dr. Barbara Hull, director
Miguel Dominguez, Chris Massa, Allison McSwain, Alex Reyes, Kurt Tumbagahan, and Jacob Zell, trumpets


FUNfare! by Jorge Machain
X1 by Erik Morales


The UNLV Trumpet Studio opened with a composition by one of their alumni, Jorge Machain. The ensemble did a great job matching styles and blending their sound to make the harmonies in the piece really pop. They continued their performance with Erik Morales’s X1, in which the ensemble’s attention to rhythmic detail was obvious right from the start. It featured confident solos from ensemble members and a great array of tonal colors through all sections of the piece. (Kyle Millsap)



University of North Florida - UNF Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Randy Tinnin, director
John Aliaga, Isaac Amaya, Jose Aviles, Tyler Heintzen, Leah Hughes, Tyler Kapinos, Bella Mitrione, David O’Toole, Gavin Rapelye, Megan Robichaud, and Luke Savage, trumpets


Intrada Dramatica by Joseph Price
Holler by Gary Smart
“Fanfarra” from Fantasia Brasileira by Jose Ursicino da Silva “Duda”


The University of North Florida Trumpet Ensemble opened their prelude with a rousing performance of Joseph Price’s Intrada Dramatica, which was full of excitement. Their second piece, Gary Smart’s Holler, was equally excellent, showcasing a range of styles. The final piece, the first movement from Fantasia Brasileira, was a great way to conclude the program with lots of energy, marking a perfect introduction to the evening’s concert. (Kyle Millsap)



University of South Alabama - USA Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Peter Wood, director
Austin Allen, Samuel Collins, Desmond Foster, Jaleel Hughes, Tanner Madden, Dakota Mellick, Jacobe Ramsey, Cameron Sansing, Nathan Shadix, and Ethan Walsh, trumpets


Crescent Moon Dance by Akito Matsuda, arr. Marcus Grant
Through Space and Time by Erik Morales 


The USA Trumpet Ensemble performed Marcus Grant’s virtuosic arrangement of Crescent Moon Dance, a composition from the animé show entitled Hibike! Euphonium. The group combined B-flat trumpets and flugelhorn with fine piccolo playing in a display of the group’s precision. They also performed Erik Morales’s technically demanding Through Space and Time with a uniform tone concept and energetic approach that made them a pleasure to hear. (Nick Volz)



University of Victoria (Canada) - UVic Trumpet Ensemble
Merrie Klazek, director
Mark Barr, Kyle Bates, Ekaterina Della Vedova, Alicia Ellis, Heidi Goetz, Marc Micu, Benjamin Parker, Abha Marie Parmar, Elena Surridge, Luke Thomas, Koshi Thompson, and Brendan Wong, trumpets


Awakening by Merrie Klazek
Fanfare for a Special Occasion by Scott MacInnes
* Listen to Learn by Scott MacInnes


The prelude to the Festival of Trumpets concert featured three pieces performed by the University of Victoria Trumpet Ensemble, under the direction of Merrie Klazek. The first piece, Klazek’s own Awakening, was an exciting opening, featuring flourishes and regal fanfare-like lines. Scott MacInnes’s Listen to Learn was commissioned for the UVic Trumpet Ensemble and premiered in this performance. Featuring a haunting flugelhorn duet and several trios, as well as allusions to well-known orchestral repertoire, the ensemble gave a captivating performance of MacInnes’s piece. (Julia Bell)



West Chester University - WCU Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Jean-Christophe Dobrzelwski and Robert Skoniczin, directors
Trent Detweiler, Julianna Johnson, Tommy Kuhns, James Lobb, Charlotte McMillen, and Madison Smith, trumpets


Infinite Ascent by Erik Morales


West Chester University’s Trumpet Ensemble gave a highly musical performance of the Erik Morales staple Infinite Ascent. Featuring not only members of the studio, but also trumpet professors, the ensemble’s fluid approach set up the energetic climax of the work very dramatically. (Nick Volz)



Westminster College Trumpet Ensemble
Dr. Timothy Winfield, director
Isabella Dienes, Hunter Hoag, Charles Lisella, Madison Mueller-Howell, Cameron Stahl, and Dalton Stoops, trumpets


Conquest by Erik Morales


The Westminster College Trumpet Ensemble presented an energetic rendition of Erik Morales’s Conquest. The group put on an excellent display of musicality and balance throughout this challenging work. The performance was well received by the audience and served as a great introduction to the clinic that followed. (Javian Brabham)


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